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Prof. Virginio Zoccatelli

Virginio Zoccatelli (born 1969) is an italian composer, conductor, storyteller and speaker. Thanks to his multifaceted cultural and musical background, he is known for having developed his style being a composer who aims to know the world and the deep human interiority through various artistic languages.
His catalog currently features more than 500 works, including scores for orchestra, wind orchestra, choir, solo singers, chamber works, scores for theater and soundtracks that have won several italian and international composition prizes. Among them, La Maschera (1992-2013), Il violino magico (2009), Ecomusical (2008, Premio Abbiati per la Scuola), Le storie di Woodland (2010), Empedocle (2015) and Vivantigone (2016, Premio Abbiati per la Scuola) are worthy of mention.
Moreover he composed “Giulietta e Romeo... l’amore continua” (2012-2013) and “Indaco” (2014-15), on stage since 2012 in a lot of Italian theaters by RBRDanceCompany. In 2016 he published the CD "Mediterraneo" produced by MEP - Roma. He has also published many scores and tracks for RAI - the Italian national television and broadcasting company - that have been frequently broadcasted: the CDs “Open dialogues” (2010), “Orchestral movements” (2011), “Jeux et Paysages” (2012), “Landscapes” (2013) and "Dai Balcani al Mediterraneo" (2016).
Furthermore, he has collaborated in several productions with many renowned international artists, among which are the actors G. Lazzarini, P. Pitagora, U. Pagliai and E. Gambino, and the movie directors P. Valerio, A. Giarola and F. Viviani. He graduated in Piano, Instrumentation for Band and Composition, earning also a Bachelor degree in Literature and Philosophy at DAMS of Bologna with a thesis on G. Petrassi. He was included in the "Enciclopedia italiana dei Compositori Contemporanei" (1999) at the age of 30. Since June 2017 he is the Rector of the Conservatorio "Jacopo Tomadini" in Udine,